Flex Circuits

Micro Coaxial Cable

In addition to the etched flex circuits, we offer the micro coaxial cable assemblies to widen our product ranges and offer much more choices for internal wiring solution. The combination of Flex and Micro Coaxial Cable can help you with unlimited wiring methods at lowest possible cost.

MicroCoaxialcable_50_1.jpg (11370 bytes) MicroCoaxialcable_50_2.jpg (11639 bytes)
Example of internal wiring for LCD panel to motherboard
impedance control 50W +/- 2W
hinge cycle over 50,000 times
high-speed signal transmission

The micro coaxial cable can provide the stable electrical property and excellent EMI without any extra shielding layer. It is very easy to change the product length and shape without any tooling required.

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